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' SHIMA SUSHI ' is a sushi restaurant in San Jose. So many restaurants are struggling to reset. Owners are facing staffing shortage, kitchens are out-of-practice, supply disruptions for ingredients are all over the place -- you name it. It's so hard to know what you'll get these days when you go out for a meal. I'm super-glad to report that (at least for our meal) Shima was as good as it ever was -- maybe even better! The Hostess (owner lady, I think) was really nice and sat us in a booth just as we'd requested. Service was lightning-quick. Food was fantastic! The Hamachi nigiri was fresh, tasty, and the pieces were extremely generous. (And yes, in my prior review I swore I'd only eat it as sashimi...) All of the food, including the usual accoutrements (rice, miso, gyoza, etc.) was just as delicious as we remember from pre-pandemic times. While other local restaurants have struggled (including a couple we've given up on...) I'm thrilled to report that Shima is back!

Rick M. From Yelp

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